Temporary workers in Mazatlan are treated as peons


Temporary workers earn 1,482 pesos less than those who are unionized

MAZATLAN. – They demand better salaries! Councilman Roberto Rodríguez showed that, in the Mazatlán City Council, non-unionized workers (temporary) are considered in the category of “peons”, and those who work in public areas have a miserable salary; despite the fact that they mostly perform the toughest tasks.  

Jobs that involve spending hours in the sun, keeping the city clean, and sometimes even risking their lives, when it comes to hurricane season, he said.

These workers earn the minimum wage of 172.87 pesos per day, which is equivalent to having a monthly income of 5,186.10 pesos, that is, 1,482.91 pesos per month less than workers who are unionized.  

The councilor explained that in addition to having a lower salary, temporary workers do not enjoy rights such as social security. He also asked that the pawn denomination be erased from the checks, since this title is discriminatory and pejorative that undermines human equality.  

“In a very respectful way, I request that these workers who carry out tasks that few want to perform, have their salary equal to at least similar to that of a unionized worker and that the concept of laborer be called a salary category.”  

Roberto Rodríguez pointed out that the third article of the Mexican Constitution is being violated, specifically the Federal Law on Remuneration of Public Servants, which dictates that all public servants must receive adequate and inalienable remuneration for the performance of their function, employment, position or commission, which is proportional to their responsibilities.  

In this case, the strenuous work hours carried out by the aforementioned personnel are nothing compared to the earnings they receive for their work.  

“People who work in sanitation and cleaning have the most miserable salaries, not even with a partner’s salary can they have a decent quality of life.”  

What will happen? 

Councilors Martín Pérez and Jesús Osuna Lamarque expressed that the ideal is for this initiative to be sent to the Treasury and Labor and Social Welfare commissions for analysis.  

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