In Sinaloa it is no longer allowed to ‘vape’ or smoke in closed spaces


The Sinaloa Congress has already stipulated that the use of vapes will not be allowed and smoking will not be allowed in closed spaces.

The Plenary Session of the State Congress unanimously approved the prohibition of the sale of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems, Similar Systems without Nicotine, Alternative Nicotine Consumption Systems, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizing devices with similar uses. In other words, the use and commercialization of vapers is prohibited.

In the Ordinary Session of this Tuesday, with 35 votes in favor of the deputies present, reforms, additions, and repeals of various provisions of the Law that Protects the Health and Rights of Non-Smokers for the State of Sinaloa were approved.

With these modifications, smoking is also prohibited in closed physical areas with public access, which is expressly established by the Secretary of Health of the state Executive power.

In addition, both outside and inside said places, the signs, logos, and emblems established by the Ministry of Health must be affixed.

In a transitory article, it is established that the owners, administrators, or managers of establishments or places with public access, work areas, public and private, must locate the exclusive areas for smoking in outdoor spaces within a period not exceeding 60 days. days after the effective date of this Decree.

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They will deny service

In addition, the owners themselves must encourage smokers to go to smoke in the exclusive areas to do so, and if they do not accept, they have the alternatives of denying them the service and even requesting the assistance of the corresponding authority.

At the time of the discussion, deputy Viridiana Camacho Millán, president of the Health and Social Welfare Commission, took the rostrum, asked for a vote in favor, and argued that tobacco use is a cause of mortality worldwide that can be preventable. .

“Its consumption is so dangerous that it affects all people, given that it not only considerably affects the health of those who consume it, but also affects all those around them, resulting in a violation of human rights. fundamental,” he said.

Given this, he observed that as an alternative, electronic mechanisms were created to stop consuming tobacco as it is known, of which the majority of the population mistakenly believes that they do not affect the health of consumers.

Among these mechanisms, he highlighted that there are two that are very common: electronic devices known as “electronic cigarettes or vapers” and a second electronic device that is only heated tobacco.

Faced with this threat and within the framework of World No Tobacco Day, on May 31, he recalled that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed the Agreement by which the circulation and marketing of new tobacco products will be prohibited.

The point is, he specified, that the use of vapers not only harms consumers but also the health of those around them.

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