Step by step Mazatlan advance in the professionalization of first responders


Lifeguards and elements of different security and rescue corporations are trained in crisis care protocols.

MAZATLAN. – Seeking to be more prepared to face the challenges demanded by the population, especially in cases of people suffering from nervous breakdowns or who think of committing suicide, the Emergency Medical Technician, Abimelec Gómez Sánchez, current Red Cross Relief Coordinator, Mazatlan delegation, said that the rescuers received training in Attention Protocols in Crisis Situation.  

He indicated that the training of the rescuers was carried out in conjunction with elements from other corporations, since the slogan is to be well coordinated and know how to treat patients who are attempting suicide or who are experiencing moments of crisis. 

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Gómez Sánchez commented that it is important that all corporations speak the same language with the affected person in order to understand during the entire process what moment the person is experiencing and know how to deal with those moments, and this is achieved with the professionalization and training of first responders.  

“It is important to speak the same language everyone, from Civil Protection, Firefighters, Red Cross, Transit, C4 Mazatlan, DIF System, among other Public Security agencies, in order to provide a better service to the population,” he stressed when talking about the professionalization of first responders

He said that this program is about updating knowledge and techniques, so that care is carried out in a timely manner, and thus safeguarding the physical integrity of people who require it.  

Training course for security elements and relief bodies.

He added that they, like the Red Cross, are always vigilant in providing the necessary medical care in the event that the affected person requires it.  

The Red Cross relief coordinator in Mazatlan invited all children and young people, from 10 years of age, to be part of the corporation and go to the courses every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in which they will learn various activities.


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