Mazatlan is vaccinated and will face the fifth wave of COVID with sanitary protocols these holidays


Security is guaranteed and biosanitary protocols against COVID-19 in lodging centers are firm before the arrival of thousands of tourists this summer vacation.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The fact of being among the first places in terms of vaccination coverage against COVID-19 in Sinaloa and the port of Mazatlán, gives a guarantee to this sun and beach destination to receive the thousands of tourists during the summer vacation period, but that does not mean full confidence to lower their guard, said Miguel Hernández Fonseca.

The president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Sinaloa, stressed that in addition to the fact that the bulk of the adult population has its booster doses, children, although on a smaller scale, but already also have the biological, but it does ensure that the same tourists who arrive at the port comply with sanitary regulations. 

“Why are we prepared in Mazatlan to receive tourism? Because the municipality of Mazatlán and Sinaloa specifically occupies the fourth place at the national level in vaccination in its third and fourth doses already, and currently they have just brought an important application that they had in young people from 5 to 11 years old, in that segment of the city ​​is the first time that it is being vaccinated, that is to say that the best way to combat the pandemic without a doubt is vaccination, ”he explained.

The lodging centers, restaurants and shops, in the case of Mazatlán, reinforced their sanitary protocols at the time of entry, in addition to the use of face masks, hand washing and the permitted capacity are the clear rules for everyone, Hernández Fonseca pointed out.

The president of Fecanaco assured that tourists are always welcome in Mazatlan, but for this summer vacation period they are ready and prepared with security actions with the sum of corporations of all levels.

Source: Lineaportal

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