To prevent garbage from dumbing into the sea, they install biofence on the beaches of Mazatlan


The function of this giant floating container is to retain the garbage that floats and semi-floats so that it does not reach the sea.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the aim of preventing hundreds of kilos of garbage from reaching the sea, polluting and altering the marine ecosystem, this Tuesday the environmental organization MazConCiencia installed a floating biofence at the mouth of the Yugo estuary.

Being already in the rainy season, Sofia Trejo Lemus, leader of the organization, mentioned that the estuary is affected by two sources of contamination; on the one hand, all the rubbish that comes down from the streams and canals and on the other, the rubbish that comes up from the sea, which is why the biofence will have a double function.

” Biofence is a little improvement to nature, but we also have to work on other issues. The important thing is that it gives a little respite to all that pollution that goes into the ocean, but it is also something that visualizes the problem,” he mentioned.

He added that unlike the one on the Juarez bridge, this one on the Estero del Yugo will collect the entire “skirt”, because since there is more aquatic fauna in this body of water, they do not want the specimens to get entangled In the net.

He also specified that I ask CIAD to collaborate with this project, the biofence was donated by Pesca Azteca and it was the diver Ignacio Zataráin who entered the estuary to install it.

Trejo Lemus added that in the three years that they have been in the project between the biofence of Puente Juárez and the one in El Cid, they have prevented more than 180 tons of garbage from reaching the sea.

” Every day between nine, 12 and 15 sacks of garbage are collected (on the Juarez bridge) this year I have seen that the City Council has gotten its act together, it has been cleaning storm drains and I hope that in this rainy season decrease a lot, that’s what’s important,” he added.

Usefulness of the biofence

The biofence is a floating container that retains the garbage that floats and semi-floats so that it does not reach the sea.

Single-use containers, water, soft drinks, polystyrene and garbage bags, is the main thing that has been found when cleaning.

Estero del Yugo is a protected natural area that measures approximately 10.5 hectares; it is home to many species of regional flora and fauna.


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