Sinaloa earthquake hits this morning


The movement was recorded during the first minutes of this Thursday, July 13, and is added to the long list of events of the year.

Sinaloa.- There were 4.6 degrees of intensity, which were felt due to an earthquake recorded during the first minutes of this Thursday, July 13, in the municipality of Navolato, Sinaloa. 

The event, which is classified as moderate force, occurred over the sea 135 kilometers southwest of Navolato, Sinaloa, around 00:55 this Thursday at a depth of 10 kilometers. 

This is movement number 83 so far this year in the entity, and it is among one of the strongest, although the most intense was the one reported on January 11, which was located at 5 degrees. 

During the month of July there are already six events cataloged in the lists of the National Seismological Service, this Wednesday’s the strongest of all, since the previous one had been 4 degrees. 

1.- 3.8 degrees on July 2, 130 kilometers northeast of El Fuerte. 
2.- 2.7 degrees on July 4, 68 kilometers northeast of El Fuerte. 
3.- 4 degrees on July 5, 205 kilometers southwest of Mazatlán. 
4.- 3.9 degrees on July 6, 118 kilometers southwest of Gabriel Leyva Solano, Guasave. 
5.- 3.9 on July 10, 115 kilometers southwest of Gabriel Leyva Solano, Guasave.  
6.- 4.6 this July 13, 135 kilometers southwest of Navolato. 

Although it is true that this is not the most intense month of the year so far, it stands out that the telluric events have been very well focused and they increased their intensity, which more than a problem, speaks of the constant accommodation of plates that prevent a much stronger system from being presented. 

Remember that in the event of any earthquake you must remain calm, locate a safe place, and if possible, leave fragile buildings to prevent the fall of any object or detachment of walls or ceilings from affecting you.


The Mazatlan Post