Rigoberta Menchú, will award Mazatlan as a tourist destination for peace and inclusion


The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, will recognize Mazatlan as a tourist destination for peace and inclusion, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez announced.

MAZATLAN. – What elegance from France! Next Monday, June 18, Mazatlán will receive recognition from Rigoberta Menchú for being one of the most peaceful tourist destinations in the country, as reported by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.  

The person in charge of granting this recognition will be Rigoberta Menchú, who is a Guatemalan indigenous leader and activist, a member of the Quiché Mayan group, human rights defender, UNESCO goodwill ambassador, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the Prince Prize. of Asturias for International Cooperation.  

The municipal president explained that Menchú’s visit is to name Mazatlán as “Tourist Destination of Peace and Destination of Inclusion”, a title that the port has earned for being one of the tourist sites with few crime incidents and criminal acts. He pointed out that the crime that exists in Mazatlan is going down every day. 

“I’ll tell you in advance, Rigoberta Menchú will be here next Monday and she’s coming to award Mazatlán a Tourist Destination of Peace and a Destination of Inclusion because it’s the one with the lowest levels of insecurity; Contrary to what many say, and the fact that the Nobel Prize winner comes, she says a lot”.  

In addition to distinguishing itself as a peaceful destination, Mazatlan will be recognized as an inclusive destination. Mazatlan is within the 10 gay-friendly cities or queer destinations in the country; in this list are also the cities of Jalisco, Chihuahua, Morelos, and Mexico City.  

Travelers who choose these destinations take into account personal security and the confidence that they will be able to walk being themselves, without suffering discrimination. 

It is not the first time that the Nobel Peace Prize winner and defender of the indigenous communities of Guatemala will be in the port, her first visit was in 2003 and the second in 2019. 

Source: punto.mx, debate.com.mx

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