Closing of the Isla de Venados in Mazatlan will affect the entire tourist sector


Alternatives should be sought that help maintain a balance between tourist and economic activity, otherwise, it will hit the pockets of many people who depend on this activity.

Mazatlan, Sin. – Deer Island “ISla de Venados”, is one of the main natural attractions that tourists in Mazatlan seek to discover, and which is a benchmark for those who arrive each vacation period, so if it is closed temporarily or permanently, as they intend, as a result of contamination will hit an entire chain of the tourism sector, said Eduardo Rosales.

The tourist promoter of catamaran rides from the “Playa Sur” agency on a section of the boardwalk, indicated that through the internet, the three islands are iconic in advertising images, so when tourists arrive at the port, they ask take a tour of the bay and get to know it, meeting many of its visitors, but without them descending into space.

He recognized that if the decision to close the island is made, even temporarily, it will directly hit their economy.

“It would affect and enough.”

How many would be affected in your case? 

“Well, for example, those of us who offer direct tours, restaurant workers, boatmen, transportation of pneumonia, charioteers, people who come more than anything, yes it is a little chain so to speak, totally, an alternative could be found, for example, they mention that we have the tours, that it is on Venados Island, but that they do not get off the catamaran, that could be one of the good options”. 

The tourist promoter with a folder in hand, in one of the crowded points of the Malecón in Mazatlan, exposes his tour offer to the families and tourists who pass through the coastal promenade at mid-morning and refers to this medium that many of those approached, They ask to know and have more information about the Isla de Venados.

He recognized that if the decision to close the island is made, even temporarily, it will directly hit them in their economy, like the rest of the tourist activity chain, since they would be affected by pulmonia workers, aurigas, without forgetting the same for restaurants