Watch out! Mazatlan aquatic squad warning beach visitors about the presence of jellyfish


Areas with a white flag is an area with the presence of marine animals, it is recommended not to enter.

Mazatlan, Sin. — Be cautious when walking on the sand and when entering the sea, it is the call launched by the Commander of the Aquatic Squad due to the presence of jellyfish in various areas of Mazatlan Beaches.

Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas said that the main sectors with the presence of Burners are Isla de la Piedra, Olas Altas, in front of Avenida Del Mar and Zona Cerritos.

The call to society is to look for the color of the flag and the risk it represents before entering the area to enjoy the beaches of Mazatlan to carry out any type of activity.

The symptoms in case of being affected by the marine species is intense burning, in case of affections it is recommended to go to the doctor.

The Mazatlan Post