More and more Mazatlan road congestion during this holiday season


The holiday season brings with it a port full of tourism, and, consequently, traffic jams in the main streets of the tourist area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Road congestion represents a tedious problem for many, since it not only consumes extra time for motorists who run into dead-end traffic jams, but also affects public transport operators in the provision of their service.

During the holiday season, and especially on weekends, Mazatlán receives a large amount of tourism that runs through the main tourist areas, which are the Malecón and the Golden Zone, so much of the day and even at night, Avenida del Mar and Avenida Camarón Sábalo are congested by cars.

The truth is that traffic is sometimes unavoidable and part of the season, and the most advisable thing to do in these cases is to take alternate routes and, of course, prepare yourself with the times to reach the destination.

The main alternate routes to avoid the Malecón are mainly Quirino Ordaz Avenue and Leonismo Internacional Avenue, since they are parallel to Avenida del Mar, which will make circulation easier, however, they can also be congested in certain sections. and at certain times of the day.

On the other hand, to avoid the traffic in the Golden Zone there are different alternative routes and it depends on the destination you want to reach, but among the main ones are Lomas de Mazatlán or take a detour along Avenida Rafael Buelna towards Avenida de la Marina to get there. to the Navy.


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