They seek to stop pollution on Isla Venados in Mazatlan


Being a federal area, the Beach Operator and Administrator can only collaborate with cleaning the protected natural area.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After images and videos have circulated on social networks in recent weeks showing how Mazatlan ‘s Venados Island is filled with garbage due to the presence of tourists and Mazatlans, it seeks to curb the pollution that is experienced in that area, decreed as a Protected Natural Area .

The area is subject to jurisprudence of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, in addition to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, but it is urgent that both municipal authorities and civil society do something to stop this problem.

The constant tourist activity has caused the gradual contamination of this site, since there are no garbage deposits or toilets, visitors choose to leave their waste anywhere and relieve themselves outdoors.

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The director of the Operator and Administrator of Mazatlan Beaches, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, assured that despite being the responsibility of the federal level, they have had an approach with the corresponding agencies to be able to coordinate and act in a timely manner in order to preserve the natural sense of the area.

“We, the truth, what we can do is make ourselves available to them and collaborate with some kind of cleaning,” he said.

Ortiz Genis reiterated that as it is a space that is the responsibility of federal institutions, the only thing that the Operator and Administrator of Beaches can collaborate with is cleaning, properly organized by Semarnat or Profepa, as far as they would go with personnel and tools to clean up the space.

Awareness campaigns

The municipal official indicated that, in general, the issue of garbage is a daily problem on the beaches, with high rates of waste, and although the Urban Cleanup workers clean up in the morning, the polluting conditions return by the afternoon, therefore, efforts will be made to reinforce awareness campaigns so that people continually take their waste with them.

“Awareness campaigns are going to be carried out in this regard, to try to make people understand that it is not pleasant to arrive at a dirty beach, so they invite people to take the garbage away,” he concluded.

Venados Island is one of the Protected Natural Areas (ANP) that exist in Sinaloa, along with the Pajaro and Lobo islands (the three islands of Mazatlan).

This federal zone is protected by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) with the aim of preserving the existing nature, for which the destruction or modification of the vegetation is prohibited, as well as carrying out any type of construction, whether residential, tourist or industrial, enter or extract flora and fauna.

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