Finally Sinaloa approves Law to regulate Real Estate Services


Unanimously, the plenary session of the State Congress approved the law that will provide legal certainty and promote the development of investments in the state.

Sinaloa.- After the proposal for the Law for the Provision of Real Estate Services of the State of Sinaloa, which was proposed by the real estate sector for almost 30 years, today the plenary approved it unanimously.

The new law, which was presented by a group of professionals in the field, gives legal certainty, professionalism, security, and strict compliance with contractual obligations, thereby increasing the security of customers or users of these services while promoting the development of investments in the real estate sector in Sinaloa.

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Deputy Ambrocio Chávez Chávez, president of the Committee on Constitutional Points and the Interior, explained that comments and observations made by deputies were valued during the ruling process.

He recalled that this law is very pertinent, since Sinaloa registers a marked economic reactivation in the real estate field, mainly in Mazatlán, which began to gain momentum as a result of the construction of the Mazatlán-Durango highway.

Of the advantages offered by the new law, the legislator assured that there will be no unfair competition and the creation of monopolies will be avoided.

With this new law, he said, informality, fraud, and tax evasion are put to an end, and at the same time the importance of this activity is recognized, not only for the economy of our state but also because housing is a strategic pillar and a right as a basic human need.

PRI deputy Luis Javier de la Rocha affirmed that the approval of this law supports competitiveness, a concept that he explained makes it possible to measure the development of one economy with respect to others.

That is why, he said, that promoting competitiveness must be a priority task of the State Congress and of all governments.

If regulations that improve competitiveness are not promoted, there will be no foundations that drive economic growth, he added.

Having a better business environment, he added, promotes the attraction of investments throughout Sinaloa, and favors the generation of jobs, productivity, and economic growth.

When the corresponding opinion presented jointly by the Constitutional Points and Governance and Housing commissions was submitted to a vote, 38 votes were cast in favor.

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