Americans celebrate their Independence Day safely in Mazatlan


Bars and restaurants like La Catrina held themed parties on the Day of Independence of the United States, many Americans who live in Mazatlan remember their country in the distance.

Hundreds of Americans living in Mazatlan celebrated July 4, the Independence Day of the United States of America, in various restaurants and bars in the port.

Although it is Monday, and not many shops were open early, there were restaurants like La Catrina that opened their doors for them in the afternoon with a theme party for those citizens of the neighboring Northern Country.

The Golden Zone, one of the points that Americans prefer, was with some flags from the Country of Stars and Stripes, where this Independence Day was celebrated thousands of kilometers away from their nation.

In La Catrina, there were tables dedicated to American citizens, who with guacamole and other foods celebrated the Independence of their Country.

Many brought a mask, flags, and USA-themed sunglasses and talked about what it means to them to live in Mazatlan and spend the 4th of July away from home.

$!Americans celebrate their Independence Day in Mazatlan

Such is the case of Kimberly Brown, who has lived in Mazatlan for more than 15 years, and every year she celebrates Independence Day in the port of Mazatlan, she said that what she loves most about living here is the people.

“It has been beautiful all the years that I have lived here, I’ve been here 15 years, I really like the people, I like the Machado, Sábalo, I love everything that Mazatlán offers,” she shares.

For his part, Steve, who has lived in Mazatlán for four years, pointed out that he is very happy living away from home, on his pension, and from what he was able to save in his life, now his present is to relax in Mazatlán.

“I love Mazatlan, life here, the heat is strong, but life is beautiful after many years of work,” he said while celebrating Independence Day.

$!Americans celebrate their Independence Day in Mazatlan

Ernesto, manager of the La Catrina restaurant, mentioned that it is the first time that they have held a celebration of this type in the place, but that he already knows most of the clients, that is why he agreed to give them a party with an American theme.

“They are my lifelong clients, right now there is low season, they don’t stay in the heat, winter for us is already hot for them, so they come after October, but those who live here, well, celebrate the day here, and that’s why we made this theme day for the 4th of July, “he shared.

Along the Machado there were some Americans eating and spending time, however, there were few places that were prepared for them this July 4, but many of them remembered their country enjoying life from Mazatlan.

$!Americans celebrate their Independence Day in Mazatlan


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