Mazatlan dawns with almost 1,400 active cases of COVID-19; in a week more than a thousand are infected


On June 27, the state had 5,645 cases, which represents a 20.17 percent increase.

In the week of June 27 to Monday, July 4, the port also registered a total of 712 recovered and this day dawned with 1,373 active cases; the municipal authorities call not to lower our guard in self-care in this fifth wave of infections.

Mazatlán.- In just one week, from June 27 to July 4, the municipality of Mazatlán registered a total of 1,014 new COVID-19 patients, for which the municipal government called on the population to intensify preventive measures and health protocols in this fifth wave of infections.

Aumentan los casos activos de Covid-19 en Sinaloa; registran 6 mil 784

According to the weekly report presented by the city council, in Mazatlán,  the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic does not subside and the municipality remains red on the epidemiological traffic light and continues in second position in active cases in the State, only below Culiacán, which registers 3,335 infections.

$!Aumentan los casos activos de Covid-19 en Sinaloa; registran 6 mil 784

It should be noted that in that period, the municipality also registered 712 recovered people. Finally, the authorities continue to urge the local population and tourists to preserve preventive measures such as the correct use of face masks, antibacterial gel, constant hand washing, as well as respecting a healthy distance and avoiding crowds in spaces with poor ventilation.


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