New condominium association rules in Mazatlan being implemented to protect buyers


Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of Ampi, pointed out that this new regime seeks the consolidation of the investor in Mazatlan and that their condominiums are of quality.

MAZATLAN. – The new real estate developments and condominium towers in Mazatlán are transforming, not only in technology, their designs, and amenities but also in their tax regime, leaving aside vacation rentals and giving priority to the consolidated and quality investor.

Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, explained that this new condo regime in Mazatlan takes care of the people who live in their condominiums, apartments, and residences and will force the investor to use it for their own use or rent it at least for 6 months.  

“There are important developments in Mazatlan that are covering that main objective, they are not looking for vacation rentals and take care that it is an optimal home to live fully and adequately,” he declared.  

Arellano Osorio pointed out that some of the projects under construction, for example, Stelarhe, are developing a regime that they have already called the Condominium Property Regime, which will be regulated by a condominium administration and organization and will have obligations and restrictions.  

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According to information from the Stelarhe commercial area, among the characteristics of the regime are the limitation on vacation rentals, since they can be rented for a minimum period of 6 months, as long as the person requesting the rental meets the requirements of the administrative council, which are the same if you were to buy the property.  

Another of the obligations of this fiscal condo regime is to guarantee that the amenities offered by the development are permanently in optimal condition and, for example, are acquired on lease with the purpose of renewing them at least every 4 years. 

The president of AMPI Mazatlan added that each real estate development works in its own regime, but also, as an organization, they are working with the hotel associations with the idea that each condominium tower complies with the fiscal and legal issues and that Mazatlán does not get out of control like other destinations.  

“The issue of the projects, each one develops a condominium regime in which they propose that dispose of their property, people who want to invest, will have to review their condominium regime to find a better movement within the project,” he commented.  

In related data, so far this 2022, Arellano Osorio, added that of the total number of condominiums and apartments that are affiliated with AMPI Mazatlan, 25 percent have suffered a complaint of vacation rental fraud, seeking to avoid precisely this with the new condo regimes . .  


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