Contamination of Isla Venados in Mazatlan exposed and it goes viral


Local authorities will seek rapprochement with Profepa, Semarnat and CONANP to take action on the matter.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- More than 100 thousand reproductions have reached a video on the Tiktok social network published by the user @labiologolife in which it shows the pollution generated thanks to excessive tourism and the lack of regulations on Isla Venados, better known as ” middle island.

The young marine biologist exposes the two faces of the island, on the one hand the beautiful image shown by tourists and influencers and on the other, the worrying and growing contamination that this ecosystem suffers: toilet paper with feces, countless bottles of plastic, condoms, invasive animals living among the debris and garbage in the sand area.

In the video, he also explained that the three islands are heritage for the conservation of birds and are important for marine ecosystems, for which he called on the competent authorities to take action on the matter.

“Profepa and Semarnat, the complaints have already been made with the support of CONANP: excessive tourism, health risk, illegal provision of services, exotic species, ” he explained.

What it proposes are sanctions for visitors who leave their garbage, real regulations for service providers, relocation of invasive species in their habitat and establishing a limit of visitors per day.

The video has reached more than 126 thousand views on the Tiktok social network and more than 24 thousand on Instagram.

What do the authorities say?

Councilors who are members of the Commission for the Planning of Beaches and Tourist Areas, commented that they were aware of the subject, although they did not specify that it was through this video, but rather because they have received accusations, from the citizens, of the state in which the island is found.

” It has a lot of pollution, it has a lot of garbage, a lot of tourists are going there and it worries us and occupies us. We, as heads of the commission, believe that the five councilors are very committed to taking actions that help us eliminate, eradicate or minimize this type of situations “, commented councilor Bernardo Alcaraz Conde, coordinator of the commission.

Invasive species, such as the coatis, in addition to living among the garbage, are destroying the wildlife of the ecosystem. Photo: Video | @Labiologolife

He added that together with the Operator and Administrator of Beaches, they will seek rapprochement with CONANP, Profepa and Semarnat, authorities that have powers over these areas, to help them take the pertinent actions on the situation.

” It is something complex because it does not depend on the local authorities, but I believe that we can get the federal authorities to help us and thus we can also support the society that is very concerned about these events ,” he added.

We must not allow, he added, this to grow even more, it is our opportunity to set rules and leave a mark in that regard.


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