Mazatlan bets on gastronomy as a tourist attraction, after the boardwalk


Sedectur highlights the importance of promoting Mazatlan gastronomy in social networks, with samples to Foodies influencers.

MAZATLAN. – With the idea of ​​continuing the promotion through the different social media platforms, about the municipality of Mazatlán, the secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of the municipality, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, carried out the second gastronomic tour of the year with Foodie influencers.  

For this occasion they arrived from Guadalajara and Tijuana to promote Mazatlan gastronomy, both from the urban and rural areas. 

He reported that this is part of one of the institutionalized promotion lines to exploit the second attraction of the destination, only after the Malecón.  

The influencer Víctor González, from Tijuana, Baja California, who has nearly 9 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and Twitter, from different parts of Mexico, and Melissa Morelos, María José Mercado and Abraham Herrera, from Guadalajara, among the 100 thousand and 200 thousand followers, who were part of this great party.  

“I want to express my gratitude, because this is a collaboration where everyone is doing their part; the restaurateurs are supporting with the food, they (the influencers) advertise the delicacies that are presented to them, highlighting that they are from Mazatlán or, in this case, from the town of El Quelite, and we as the Secretariat and as the Municipality of Mazatlán, support with the per diems, because they are here without charging a single peso” explained Velarde Cárdenas.  

The head of Sedectur indicated that these collaborations are intended to reach more markets, because although it is true, there is an increase in visitors to the Northern Economic Corridor, synergies are already being established with governments from other regions of the country, such as Zapopan and with the Mixed Fund of Mexico City, just as talks have already begun with Monterrey, to continue growing in the markets. 

He commented that these strategies serve for Mazatlan to increase its presence in these areas. 

The first gastronomic tour was in Mazatlan, and in the Habal-La Noria circuit, the influencer Calixto Serna, from mexicocookingclub, who has 322 thousand Instagram and 10.9 million on TikTok. 

What do the Mazatlan influencers think? 

“I come to Sinaloa often, I am one of the continuous visitors in the state. I love what is offered as much gastronomically as the people of Sinaloa themselves. As a tourist you feel at home. Mazatlán is a point that if you come to Mexico, yes or yes, you have to know”, said the influencer Víctor González 


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