Balance between the economy and quality of life? That’s what Mazatlan needs


The president of Canacintra, Helena Larsen, assures that the city requires good urban planning

MAZATLAN. – For Helena Larsen Ayala, president of the National Chamber of Industry and Transformation in Mazatlan, there must be a well-thought-out municipal order, which indicates which areas are for residential, commercial, and industrial use. 

This is so that, in the future, the large companies in the industry will not remain within the urban area, and in the future, their logistics activities will be affected by the residential area. 

“At the end of the day, commerce mixes very well with urban areas, but the question of the industrial zone does have to be found that it is usually around the city, where they have access to roads and mobility and logistics. , sometimes it is very difficult to get to the center of the city”. 

Larsen Ayala expressed that what is needed is to find a midpoint between industry and urbanization to obtain a healthy and effective coexistence between both. What is intended is not to affect either, because at the end of the day both are the bases to form Mazatlán. 

“We know that there are self-service stores that are within the city that are supplied daily in large trucks, but we know that people need these stores to buy their food. So you have to seek and find the balance between the economy and quality of life. 

How is the industry in Mazatlan?  

He pointed out that, at the moment, the same companies are found, but it is expected that once the Aerospace Park and the Mazatlán Logistics Center operate, the index of companies will grow like never before. 

He added that Sinaloa is currently experiencing a shortage of grains, vehicles, radio communication equipment, and everything related to technology. 


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