Alleged Mazatlan police abuse is under investigation


Alleged police abuse is already being investigated; the agents were defending themselves from an attack: SSPM-Inspector Simón Malpica urges citizens to report to the appropriate authorities

Mazatlan. – The person in charge of the Office of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Inspector Simón Malpica Hernández announced that the Internal Affairs Unit and the Internal Control Body are already investigating the case of alleged police abuse that was spread on social networks.

He clarified that the elements assigned to the Capta Group testified about the case, and advanced that they were defending themselves from a civilian who also appears in said video recording material and who attacked them first, but said action is not seen.

No abuse by police elements will be tolerated, warned the person in charge of the Office of the Secretary of Public Security, Inspector Simón Malpica Hernández.

He called on the citizens that if they received bad treatment from a police element, to go to the office of the Internal Control Body or Internal Affairs that is in the same Secretary of Public Security where they will be attended and heard and will proceed accordingly.

 Inspector Simon Malpica Hernandez.

He announced that he practically read the booklet to all the policemen, where he asked the commanders and group leaders to speak with all the elements, to treat the citizens well, and to see a good image and the change that Look at the Secretary.

“Are you going to clean the house, Secretary? That’s right, no one is going to be covered up, no more aggressive policemen… there are about 10 elements who are in Internal Affairs and in the Internal Control Body, they will have complete information ”, he stated.

In the case of the relatives of former secretary Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, who received promotions for both his daughter and a son-in-law, inspector Malpica Hernández said that this case is in the Internal Control Body, which must provide complete information.

How are the Public Security figures going?

The person in charge of the Office of the Secretary of Public Security highlighted that the task entrusted to him by Mayor Benítez Torres, of putting order in the city, is being fulfilled, were through the mobile inspection points, they have allowed to reduce motorcyclist accidents and theft of vehicles and motorcycles.

He added that they have applied more than 80 infractions to motorcyclists for not wearing a safety helmet, they have stopped and sent the motorcycles to the pension for not having plates and it is ending with the one that brings more than two crew members above the two-wheel unit.

At the moment, he said he did not know if the alleged affected party had already filed the complaint, but he insisted that the elements will not be allowed to incur an irregularity or move away from respect for human rights during their work.

Regarding another publication of a police unit, which is parked on a yellow stripe, he added that the numbering of the patrol does not correspond to the vehicle fleet of the corporation in charge, and that, in the same way, the agents have instructions to respect the regulations road or must cover the corresponding penalty.

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