Video: Shooting on Mazatlán’s malecon beach restaurant leaves one dead and one injured


According to the report, a person calmly approached the victim and without a word took out a pistol and shot him at close range, and then fled the scene.

 In the presence of a dozen bathers and diners, a man who was eating quietly in a shellfish palapa, located very close to the Monument to the Fisherman on the beaches of Mazatlan, was shot dead.

The person was shot to death while he was enjoying himself in the palapa area of a restaurant on Avenida del Mar, almost in front of the Hotel Hacienda.

It was said that he was shot in the head, leaving him leaning on the table, while tourists and diners fled from the place.

So far it is unknown if it was a single armed individual who approached this person who was in a palapa on the sand, to shoot him at close range.

It was reported that he was a tourist from Torreón, Coahuila.

A second person was injured and was taken to a private clinic urgently.

Elements of different police corporations arrived at the place, for which the place was cordoned off while waiting for the expert authorities of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office.

Safety: What to do before, during, and after a shooting?

Earthquakes and fires are events that endanger people’s lives, these events put people in situations of stress and desperation, to such an extent that they lose calm and control, the same thing happens when you are in the middle of a shooting.

In the face of the first two phenomena mentioned above, there are a series of protocols to follow that can be useful to save your life and keep you safe.

For this reason, today we will help you stay safe by telling you what to do in case you find yourself in the middle of a shooting, based on the security protocol carried out by the Autonomous University of Hidalgo.

Before the shooting

We know that you are not a fortune teller, however, we must reiterate that you should not assume that you will never find yourself in a firefight. However, staying calm is essential to maintain your safety.

On the other hand, being aware of your surroundings will help you locate emergency exits and keep you safe.

In the same way, and because you never know where and when a shooting may occur, knowing the exact address of where you are will help you to inform the authorities.

Shooting outside your house

Here the scenario is very important to know what to do, so we will divide what you have to do in case the shooting occurs outside your home or if it occurs in a public place.

In the event that the shooting is outside your home, it is best not to expose yourself to going outside, much less try to record or take photographs.

On the other hand, what will keep you safe is to get down on the ground, stay away from windows, and also make sure doors are locked.

After this, you will have to find a place to hide, the bathroom, a closet, or any room without windows or with small windows will be useful.

Street shooting

If the shooting is taking place in the street and you are present, you should drop to the ground, then seek shelter, either behind a wall or even under a vehicle, but always moving face down and covering your head with your hands.

In case you come across children, drop them to the ground and cover them with your body if possible.

If you can identify where the detonations are coming from, move away cautiously, if they are very close, do so by crawling.

In case you are in your car, you must throw yourself on the floor of it. Later, you will have to identify if it is possible to leave by driving or if it is better to move on foot.

Do not forget that in any situation of this type it is important that you call 911.

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