Sinaloa in second place in incidence of dengue cases in Mexico


Culiacán is currently the municipality with the highest contagion, as there are 202 cases of the disease derived from the mosquito bite.

Culiacán, Sin.- Sinaloa ranks second nationally in incidence of dengue cases, as announced by the director of Prevention and Health Promotion, Genaro Kenny Inzunza Leyva.

The official explained that currently, the entity has around 280 cases of the disease derived from the mosquito bite.

He explained that of them, 202 belong to Culiacán, 41 are in the municipality of Ahome, 22 in Guasave, and 15 in Navolato.

He also indicated that this disease has been witnessed mainly in young people between 25 and 44 years of age.

Due to the arrival of the rainy season, he said that there could be an increase in cases, for which he explained that the health sector has reinforced prevention actions.

“Mainly what is the decacharrización, this is a task of all, mainly of the municipalities where we go and look for the place where the mosquito is stored because we have to attack what is the life cycle of the mosquito” , he pointed out.

The director of Prevention and Health Promotion mentioned that the vector team goes from house to house recommending that the population prevent the accumulation of moisture in vases, water fountains and pots or any other object, which serves as a breeding ground for the mosquito.

He pointed out that the clinical cases of dengue, zika, and chikungunya are very similar, there are characteristics such as fever, bone and joint pain, back pain, and headache, for which he called the people of Sinaloa, who, in the face of any symptoms, come to a doctor to diagnose the disease and provide them with the appropriate treatment.


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