What is required to have more functional bike lanes in Mazatlan? Implan explains it


The coordinator of Mobility and Public Space of the paramunicipal indicates that once they travel throughout Mazatlan by bicycle, they will have an analysis of what each area needs in terms of sustainable mobility

MAZATLÁN.- Although the bike lanes that Mazatlán currently has have taught us to respect circulation spaces, there are areas that require more attention and a more functional implementation in this matter, because as a means of transport, the bicycle must have its own lane. on the streets and avenues.  

Francisco Ramos, coordinator of Mobility and Public Space of the Municipal Planning Institute, mentioned that much remains to be done and that Mazatlán’s infrastructure was designed to focus on the vehicle, however, work is already being done to integrate everyone.  

In a diagnosis made by them, they have been able to identify certain needs that need to be addressed in order to start with more functional spaces, especially for people who use bicycles as a means of daily transportation, rather than as something sporting or recreational.  

“There are many areas of opportunity in terms of infrastructure, such as sewers, grids, that prevent cyclists from being able to move safely, there have been cases where they get stuck… tree planting, if we want people to be encouraged to riding a bicycle, areas that provide shade are necessary so that this aspect can be attenuated”, he declared.  

Another area of ​​opportunity, he pointed out, is the improvement of lighting, since walking at night is dangerous for those who leave work and drive through dark avenues, difficult to navigate or who cannot be detected by a private vehicle.  

Functionality goes, Ramos said, so that people can and are encouraged to use a bicycle to go to work or school, so that the vehicle also learns to respect spaces, since a cyclist has the same right to circulate on public roads. like a vehicle.  

“We have to create bike paths that comply with the regulations, the recommendations of international manuals, in Mexico we have a manual that establishes the complete street of how it should really be and it seems to us the aspect that we should go through,” he said.  

Among the areas that they have traveled to make this diagnosis are the Historic Center, the administrative sector to the Central Park, Golden Zone, Sábalo Country and Real del Valle, once they have traveled all of Mazatlán, they will make known the diagnosis and the alternatives of solution to be implemented.

Source: punto.mx

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