Real estate boom: How cumbersome or easy it is to build in Mazatlan


Jumapam plays a very important role in the final rulings to approve the construction of a subdivision.

MAZATLAN.- Mazatlan is growing, that is a fact, and the real estate boom continues to be a trend in the port with the arrival of new developments and subdivisions. 

According to the director of Planning and Urban Development, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, there are at least 50 subdivisions with construction plans in the port (most of them are located in the northern part of the city) and many more awaiting a decision. project approval, but before giving authorization they must meet certain important requirements such as guaranteeing public services. 

“The boom in Mazatlan continues, I constantly receive businessmen who come from abroad to ask, to see what they can do here and what kind of developments; that makes me very happy, ”she noted. 

So: what is needed to approve a subdivision?  

To obtain the opinions, certificates and authorizations, the provisions of the articles of the construction regulations for the municipality of Mazatlán and the law of development of populated centers of the state of Sinaloa, cited in the law of the condominium property regime, will be followed. . 

The municipal official explained that you have to have:  

  • Favorable opinion of land use 
  • Favorable opinion of vocation and layout, attaching the documentation and plans approved in the preliminary authorizations. 
  • Favorable environmental impact opinion. Issued by the Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology of the State of Sinaloa. (Seduces). In this case, the developer must ensure that the construction of the house/buildings will not damage green areas and/or areas that may be compromised. 
  • Proof of feasibility of drinking water and sewage services, Jumapam. Here the project must be delivered to the paramunicipal and if it approves, said certificate will be granted. 
  • Proof of feasibility of electricity services, CFE. 
  • Definitive authorization opinion, issued by the Municipal Council. 

Does the municipality have the capacity to pay for all public services?   

Estavillo Kelly indicated that this is decided by Jumapam, they will be the ones to analyze the construction feasibility situation, that it will be safe to have all the services, regardless of the area in which they are located. 

“As long as Jumapam provides the feasibility of services, we cannot deny the permits, we trust them.” 

Only today three new developments were put on the table, two subdivisions and a plaza, which if approved would be located in the Golden Zone. 


The Mazatlan Post