Wendy Ruiz seeks to prove that vegan food in Mazatlan is delicious


MAWE is perfect both for those looking to maintain a vegan diet or for those looking to enjoy a good healthy meal, without missing animal protein.

MAZATLAN. – The offer of vegan cuisine in Mazatlan has been climbing in recent years. First, some dishes began to be included, but restaurants focused on this type of food soon appeared. And proof of this is “MAWE” vegan cuisine, created by Wendy Ruiz, who seeks to demonstrate that it is a delicious lifestyle.

It was in 2017 when Wendy made the decision to change her diet, and although it was not an overnight change, little by little she began to leave behind all those products derived from animals. She until she discovered a lifestyle that fit perfectly with what she was looking for; which was to stop contributing to animal cruelty since they were the ones who inspired her to stop being part of that exploitation.  

Once he made the decision, he began to study, read books and watch documentaries with which he realized the great number of possibilities to prepare delicious recipes that were the opposite of boring, because one of the great thoughts that one has about vegan food is that only plants are consumed in the presentation of salads.

“Not at all, I think people have a very square idea of ​​how they should eat, when there are endless possibilities and delicious options to make. Food is not boring, on the contrary, there are millions of options, in the world of veganism you begin to discover very tasty things”.  

Over the years he became aware that there were not many vegan options in the port and that made a seed grow inside him, a desire to open a vegan restaurant in Mazatlan that would offer citizens unique food options that, in other establishments, due to their style, do not handle and that completely closes the opportunity to vegans.  

“I really like to cook and we were always looking for options, but there were very few. So this restaurant is for vegans and for people who are not so that they give themselves the opportunity to try it; MAWE was made to do our bit and contribute more to veganism in Mazatlan.  

It was so that after some time, she and her husband Mario decided to open “MAWE, vegan kitchen with love”. A new place in the port that is attended by her along with her sisters Adelita and Denisse. 

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Your gastronomic proposal 

MAWE is perfect both for those looking to maintain a vegan lifestyle or for those looking to enjoy a good healthy meal, without missing animal protein. Wendy, as a passionate cook, was in charge of creating a menu with attractive, delicious and healthy options.  

For example, you can find carrot pancakes, hamburgers, green juices, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All are prepared with natural ingredients and even species that they themselves have planted in a mini nursery.  

The best 

Apart from finding excellent food, it is an outdoor space that is also pet friendly. So you can enjoy your food, while your loin/pet has fun for a while.  

Where it is located? 

Mawe is located in Plaza La Roosevelt, which is on Roosevelt street number 309, corner with Carnaval. Its hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.