‘El Castillo’, the story of the only house in Mazatlan with an English style


This is located on Carnaval Street in the Historic Center and was built in 1920

MAZATLAN. – If you usually go to the Historic Center of Mazatlan very often, surely you have seen a purple pointed tower that stands out among the buildings, if so, it is a 102-year-old house and unique in its style in the port.

This famous castle with English chalet architecture is located on Carnaval Street in the Historic Center and was built in 1920, which makes it an architectural jewel of Mazatlan, even though it is in the upper-class neighborhoods of Europe.

The official chronicler of Mazatlan, Enrique Vega Ayala, relates that this house belonged to the wealthy Díaz de León family, who had various businesses, including a brewery called El Listón Azul, a chocolate factory and the tobacco factory “El Vapor”. ”.

They owned practically the entire block. It is said that this mansion-type house was built with the sole purpose of demonstrating how wealthy they were, but the official story, so to speak, is that Antonio Díaz de León (son), married María Lupio and they decided to go on their honeymoon. to England.

And during that trip she fell in love with the style of English chalets and asked her husband to build her a house inspired by those European houses.

The construction of “El Castillo”, as they know it, was in charge of a famous architect named Alfonso Ramírez, one of those in charge of building and designing other structures in the Historic Center.

Vega Ayala says that the couple had no children, so the house was left uninhabited and over time it deteriorated to the point that its balconies fell off.

With a project by the TurnaQing architecture agency, the building, its windows and balconies were rescued. Currently the little castle already has new owners, who work to preserve the original design.

Source: punto.mx

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