Sinaloa’s Picachos and Santa María dams will work as hydroelectric plants says AMLO


He maintains that billions of pesos are invested in these works, which in the future will give development to the south of Sinaloa.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Picachos irrigation district, as well as the aqueduct in Concordia and also the Santa María dam, will be ready at the end of 2023 and must be functional at the service of southern Sinaloa, assured Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After concluding the supervision of the hydraulic works and knowing more details of the irrigation district of the Picachos dam, where he led a private visit, the president of Mexico guaranteed that the investment of billions of pesos in these works will help trigger the development from southern Sinaloa.

“In December 2023, we already have the irrigation district for this dam in operation, the aqueduct to Concordia will be finished and also next year, in December, the Santa María dam will be completed, with the irrigation systems.”

He pointed out that the two dams will be equipped with hydroelectric plants, where they will produce electricity at the end for domestic consumption in southern Sinaloa, in addition to guaranteeing water for the population.

“I could tell you that the two dams are going to be equipped to function as hydroelectric plants, that is, they are going to produce energy as well, at the end of next year and they are thinking that, no later than March 2024, they are going to be turbineing the two dams, which means that it will ensure electricity, water above all for domestic consumption”.

No pasó nada en el Triángulo Dorado”, dice el Presidente

The president of Mexico, after concluding his stay in Culiacán, this Saturday he traveled in an Air Force helicopter to the south of Sinaloa to carry out an overflight and supervise the San Ignacio-Tayoltita highway, from there he continued to Mazatlán, where he descended from this ship, a short distance from the access to the Picachos Dam.

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I arrived shortly before 11:30 a.m., flanked by three more helicopters, the same ones that descended on the tourist cabins to travel by land on board a unit until entering the Picachos dam basin, after an hour, it left again, to take the same way back, and take the flight to the Santa María where he landed briefly.

Guarded at all times by elements of the Mexican Army in the area, four helicopters withdrew one after another, with a view to continuing their flight to the south of Sinaloa, and advancing the work schedule that had been scheduled for this weekend.


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