Mazatlan monuments in oblivion! Public Works can’t keep up with maintenance


The director of the municipal unit proposes the designation of a person with knowledge in this regard to take care of them as they should

Mazatlan, Sinaloa-. Given the growing number of monuments in the tourist strip of Mazatlan, the director of Public Works, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, assured that the agency cannot give them the proper maintenance, so he proposes the appointment of a person who focuses on taking into account Good condition these constructions.

“We want to make a proposal so that there is a person in charge and who is giving it maintenance, a person who really knows, because there are already enough of them,” he said.

He indicated that in the tourist area, from Olas Altas to Valentino, there are about 20 monuments, most of them made of bronze and cement; and that soon one more will be placed in honor of Jacques Cousteau, an oceanographic technician who contributed his knowledge for the good of marine conservation.

“These monuments are washed, painted. Generally, we give them maintenance when memorable dates come,” he said.

dilapidated and vandalized

Located between the rocks of the Sánchez Taboada roundabout, La Reina de los Mares, known as “The Mermaid”, has been destroyed little by little; first, they stole the cupid who was standing on his left side, then they ripped off his arm and now he no longer has his fin.

Also located on Avenida Del Mar, at the height of Avenida De los Deportes, the monument dedicated to sea lions is one of those that is constantly damaged, in addition to the deterioration, it suffers from the salinity of the sea.

One of the most representative figures in Mazatlán is the Monument to the Fisherman, better known as “Monos Bichis”, located at the intersection of Del Mar and Gutiérrez Nájera avenues. Despite the fact that it was recently completely rehabilitated, slight tile detachments are beginning to be noticed on the shell, and it is also one of the dirtiest, especially due to bird droppings.

And just as these examples are many more, forgotten by the authorities, who do not have a designated budget or staff to keep them in good condition.

Monuments on the tourist strip

– Monumento a Pedro Infante

– Monumento a Fernando Valadés

– Escudo de Sinaloa

– Los Beatles

– El Venadito

– La Sirena de espuma

– José Ángel Espinoza “Ferrusquilla”

– José Alfredo Jiménez

– Mujer Mazatleca

– Benito Juárez

– La Reina de los mares

– Continuidad de la vida

– Monumento al Pescador

– Monumento a la pulmonía

– Lola Beltrán

– Lobos marinos

– Monumento al beisbolista

– Monumento a la familia

– La Perla


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