Garbage everywhere: the other image of Mazatlan beaches


How every Monday, the Mazatlan beaches have returned to dawn full of garbage, a picture that has become very common after a weekend

Mazatlan-. “It makes me sad to see Mazatlan like this,” says Don Mario, as he picks up some of the trash that bathers left on North Beach on Sunday.

Many ask him if he is a City Council worker, because they always see him cleaning, but his motivation is none other than to prevent all that waste from reaching the sea.

“Every day, I come to swim and it is always the same. I have found diapers, they bring children, change them and leave them in the sand, how is that possible?” she questioned.

Despite the efforts made to deliver clean beaches to bathers, the old habits remain in the new normality and how every Monday, the Mazatlan beaches have returned to dawn full of garbage, a picture that has become very common after of a weekend.

And the certification?

After making a tour of the tourist strip, it was observed that both the certified beaches and those that are looking for it, fail to meet the basic criteria to obtain this distinction, as is the case of Playa Gaviotas, certified in the Recreational Use modality since 2013.

Environmental quality, health, safety and sustainability services, are some parameters of excellence, required to obtain such certification, which are simply not met.

Playa Norte is currently in the process of being certified in the Platinum category, an award with which it would be recognized for its scenic beauty, environmental excellence, safety, facilities, signage with relevant information, and universal accessibility.

However, this section, in addition to suffering from solid waste contamination, also has a serious problem with the discharge of sewage that goes directly into the sea.

Plastics, masks and food

Among the waste found on the beaches are plastics (glasses, bottles, bags, straws, lids), Styrofoam, face masks, cardboard boxes, beer containers, cigarette butts, wet wipes and food scraps.

From the marks in the sand, it was possible to see that the tide rose during the night and it is likely that part of this waste had been dragged out to sea.

On the boardwalk, the panorama was not very different, the garbage containers looked overflowing and the sweepers could not cope; Styrofoam cups, straws and food wrappers woke up on the sidewalk of Paseo Olas Altas, Avenida Del Mar and Avenida Gaviotas.

Given the lack of culture, for Don Mario it is necessary to apply economic fines to those who leave garbage on the beaches and public thoroughfares, since the idea is not to constantly clean, but rather to make these spaces less dirty; however, he regretted that the municipal government does not even consider this option.


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