In Mazatlan they will make these improvements to minimize road traffic


MAZATLAN. – Changes are coming for Mazatlán and new projects from the state authority, as announced by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, including improvements to the avenues to minimize traffic and a Justice Center for Women.  

He mentioned that there are already for Sinaloa, the ruling of 14 public works, representing around 91 million pesos, in addition to another 33 tenders that are in process.  

“We are opening some streets, already worked on, in addition, the streets of Mazatlan are wide and expensive, however, that is what we have and it is good that we have it, that we have to be enabling it for the best attraction for visitors ”, he declared.  

One of the avenues that is already working on its tender is Santa Rosa, explained the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, as well as others in the municipalities of the south of the state such as Concordia, Escuinapa and Rosario.  

Also to the package of 33 works that are in the bidding process, are the four tenders for the El Quelite bridge, a collapsed drainage in Los Mochis; the road to Constancia, in El Fuerte; the street that leads to the National Guard in Guasave; while in the municipality of Culiacán, the paving of seven streets is considered, totaling around 20 million pesos in the neighborhoods of March 21 and Buenos Aires. 

The Secretary of Works explained that there are several projects that were awarded by direct award, because their cost does not exceed one million 675 thousand pesos established by law as a condition for bidding, among which are the wells for the extraction of water that have been built in several small towns that do not exceed 500 inhabitants. 

“In itself there are several works that we bring, also in Mazatlan we are bidding for Santa Rosa Street for 75 million pesos, we also bring Obregón Street from Ninth Avenue to the north for about 90 million pesos,” he said.  

Source: Puntomx

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