ASE will investigate the purchase of 2,139 luminaires in Mazatlan


It is very good that both Audit and Transparency are involved; It cannot be seen as something handy, because if there is something to solve, it is done, says Edgar González, Secretary of the City Council.

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. The City Council is not concerned that the Superior State Audit Office (ASE) conducts an investigation into the purchase of 2,139 luminaires at a cost of 400.8 million pesos.

That will allow knowing if something has to be corrected at the time, said the secretary of the City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, who indicated that the experience he has as a deputy, is that the first thing the ASE asks of them is that they solve the problem at the first opportunity.

“Then they tell us, if we don’t wait a year for the audit to arrive or a year and a fraction for the audit to arrive and it tells you from now on if something is wrong, solve it, well, good, you solve it, it’s that simple, So instead of worrying you, we ourselves as a Municipality ask the Audit on many issues if many things can be done or not, in this case, what I can tell you is that they took as a basis something that they had already made from similar purchases in the past, not with that amount but with that type of luminaire and at that price, and that’s good, in one way or another the Audit had already given a kind of approval, ”he explained.


The municipal official clarified that this issue should be handled by those in charge of that area, however, he considered that it is very good that the same Superior State Audit intervenes as Transparency.

“We cannot see it as something bad, if something has to be corrected, let it be corrected, we are on time, here the issue is not: You already did it, you screwed up, it’s wrong, no, the Audit has a process and that procedure The first is having to prosecute it, in fact, when the Audit falls on you and they review you, the first thing they put as observations and then they give you deadlines so that you can solve it, it happens in various terms and stages” .

However, González Zatarain clarified that he does not know in detail the procedure that was carried out in the purchase of the 2,139 luminaires from the Azteca Lighting company, but rather that the Acquisitions Committee did it, through direct acquisition and for an amount of 400.8 million. of weights.


The Mazatlan Post