Do you know how to identify birds? Mazatlan Aquarium teaches you with these simple steps


Do you know how to identify birds? Mazatlan Aquarium teaches you with these easy simple

MAZATLAN. – Do you know how to identify the different types of birds? Today on International Bird Day, Mazatlan Aquarium takes elementary school children a talk to promote the care of the species. In this talk the little ones learned to distinguish their most important anatomical features.  

Birds play a fundamental role in the ecosystem because they carry out functions such as plant pollination and seed distribution. 

Biologist Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the paramunicipal, said that the importance of this type of event lies in making children aware of the care and conservation of species and their habitat.  

“Mainly it is to contribute to the dissemination of the conservation of all bird species that are at risk for various reasons, the main one being the invasion of their natural habitat by urbanization and illegal capture by humans for sale. for ornamental purposes”.  

Mazatlan Aquarium has 180 organisms in shelter. Throughout the administration they have rescued 380 birds and have received approximately 759 donations. In addition, the staff has carried out 262 rescues responding to the call of Public Security, Civil Protection or Citizenship in general and have released 277 birds.  

Currently the paramunicipal has several types of birds, among them are: predators such as eagles, migratory birds, poultry such as peacocks, ducks and chickens. In shelter are the penguins, which, believe it or not, are considered seabirds.  

You want to learn? The steps to identify them are as follows:  

  1. Bird Shape:  

Look carefully at the silhouette of the bird. Comparing the bird with another species you already know is one of the keys to identifying them.  

  1. Size:  

Most species have different sizes: is it bigger or smaller than some other species you know?  

  1. Bird behavior:  

Each detail of behavior defines a group. Also pay attention to the place where it has decided to perch: is it the branch of a tree? near a bush? All of this gives us a lot of information.  

  1. Habitat type:  

It is essential in the identification of birds, in many cases it defines with certainty the identity of the species. 

  1. Plumage colors and patterns 

Look for any prominent color markings, the type of plumage, and how they are positioned.  


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