Where to go for a Family Vacation in 2022?


Planning a family vacation is a lot of fun! You get to experience a new part of the world and see the magic of it all unfold through the eyes of your children—nothing will warm you up more! The hardest part about planning a trip though is deciding where to go. There are tons of great places around the world that can accommodate everyone from toddlers to adult children and their parents. You just have to decide what you’re looking for and the takeaways you want to have from your trip.

Here are some of the top suggestions so you can start planning your next family vacation in 2022.

Orlando, Florida

No family vacation suggestion list would be complete without recommending the ultimate travel spot—Orlando! No matter how old your kids are or what phase of life they are in, everyone cheers up and gets in the spirit of Disney magic at Walt Disney World Resort. There are so many parks to choose from that will transport you to countless spots around the world or into the ultimate movie fan experiences, like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and more! And if you have children that are a bit older that like roller coasters or any Harry Potter, you can easily spend a couple of days at Universal Orlando Resort and Island of Adventures, also in Orlando and easy to access. There is also Sea World and Discovery Cove for those animal lovers who want to take a dip in with dolphins. Orlando is always a good idea!

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Everyone should have the Great Barrier Reef on their bucket list and should try to get to North Queensland to see this magnificent beauty before it is too late. This is a great vacation spot if you have older children that can swim on their own and with confidence. Of course, there is more to do here than snorkel. You can also relax and play on the famous white sand beaches or go on a river cruise and be on the lookout for wild crocodiles. This would be a great spot for a family that is looking for an adventurous vacation!

Whitefish Mountain, Montana

A lot of people love planning a family ski trip, and while there are so many spots in the country to go, traveling to Montana and Whitefish Mountain makes the experience even better! The Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort offers more than just a lift to the top of the mountain that you want to go down. They also have plenty of family-friendly memories if you are traveling with little ones who may not be comfortable going on the slopes yet, like daycare. They also have a ski school geared towards children. And to mix things up, you can also try snowshoeing, snowboarding, or sledding, before warming up in the lodge with a hot drink next to the fire.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Do your children believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus? Then Rovaniemi may be the perfect spot for your next vacation. North of the capital city Helsinki, when you write your annual letter to Santa, it actually gets delivered to Rovaniemi. You can also keep getting into the Christmas spirit by spending an evening with elves that will tell you all about their work with the big guy, or you can help decorate Christmas trees and learn how to bake the best Christmas cookies ever. There are also husky sled rides, or you can take a reindeer sleigh in the forest that surrounds the town. For adventurous families, take a snowmobile safari to see the reindeer, or go snow tubing on a course that takes you down hills and through cleared ice caves. And be sure to look up and see the Northern Lights.

Florence, Italy

If your kids are old enough to walk, or you don’t mind pushing a stroller around, Florence is a great option. Your kids will love being able to eat all of the pasta and pizza they want, and you will love hearing about all of the ancient history and how Florence has come to be. Or course, being at the getaway to the wine region of Italy helps too! Children are almost always welcomed on wine tours, with age-appropriate snacks and drinks. Rent a car and explore the surrounding cities and small towns in the Tuscan region. As a first step towards planning your trip to Spain, visit Natvisa to get your travel documents right!

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Whether you want to go skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, the Swiss Alps has something that everyone will love. You will fall in love with the small mountain towns and their welcoming culture as you gear up to be outdoors, bonding as a family for quite a bit. It is a picture-perfect part of our world that people of all ages can appreciate and be in awe of. With plenty of natural and manmade activities in the region, you cannot go wrong when you book a trip to Switzerland.

Are you inspired and ready to start booking your family travel destination for 2022? Be sure to check out the latest policies to learn more and see if you need to apply for a visa before your next trip. They have a comprehensive listing of visa requirements by country and can assist you in deciding if that is a necessary step you need to take!

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