How much will it cost to get a Mexico tourist card online?


Mexico is a country of limitless opportunities for travelers. Do you want to drink tequila, dance until morning, and date gorgeous Mexican girls? Go to Acapulco! Do you want to touch the mysteries of ancient cities and solve the mystery of a vanished civilization? The Yucatan Peninsula awaits you. Do you want to bask on luxurious beaches and enjoy all the benefits of five-star hotels? Cancun and Los Cabos are at your service. Passionate sultry Mexico will not disappoint you!

Does an ordinary tourist need a visa to visit this wonderful region and how much will it cost? Read about this and more in this article.

Why is a Mexico visa needed?

The traditional type of visa to enter Mexico for tourists from 96 countries of the world is not required today. The only document that both adults and children need to get before the trip is an electronic permit also called a Mexico Tourist Card. It can be obtained in the Natvisa online service.

Tourists from countries that are not included in the visa-free list must obtain a visa from the Mexican consulate or embassy located in their country.

Mexico Visa Eligibility.

You do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel to Mexico. Tourists don’t even need to take PCR tests. Entry into the country is carried out based on a permit. It may not be issued by persons who have a Schengen multi visa. Visa holders of Canada, Great Britain, Japan, USA are also exempt from this procedure:

  • It is necessary to fill out a special online questionnaire 12 hours before the trip.
  • The electronic permit must be printed out and shown before boarding.
  • Get medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

Electronic permission to enter Mexico in 2021 can be made to tourists from the list of visa-free countries who arrive in the country by plane or come by land. According to this electronic document, a 1-time visit to the country is allowed. At the same time, there is no need to apply for a consular visa.

The e-visa is a one-time visa, it can be obtained no earlier than 25 days before the trip. You can stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Tourists wishing to cross the Mexican border by land must necessarily show their printed Tourist Card at the border checkpoint. If everything is in order, the migration officer will put a stamp as confirmation that the tourist is in Mexico legally.

The decision on the final crossing of the tourist border is made by the border guard. He can ask clarifying questions about the purpose, the timing of the trip, and the availability of funds. This is done to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country.

Mexico Visa Application Process.

To obtain an electronic permit, you must confirm your citizenship, have a valid passport and fill out an online questionnaire on the Natvisa website.

The procedure for issuing a Mexico Tourist Card in 2021 is quite simple. First, the applicant fills out the questionnaire, then – gets permission. The answers to the questions in the questionnaire must be truthful, and there are only two options “yes” and “no”. When filling out the questionnaire on your own, you also need to be as attentive as possible. Any error or typo will be perceived by the system as incorrect data. As a result, a tourist may be refused a permit.

To get a Mexico Tourist Card yourself, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Last name and first name. You need to write in Latin – as in the passport.
  • Marital status. You need to specify your real marital status. If the applicant is in a civil marriage, then he needs to indicate in the questionnaire that he is single.
  • Special attention should be paid to the item “Country”. If a person was born on the territory of the USSR or Yugoslavia, you need to write the modern name of a particular country.
  • Next, the following data are specified: Type of identity card – select “passport”, No./series (without spaces), country of issue, expiration date.
  • Next, you need to specify the purpose of the trip – tourism or other activities.
  • The next item is the country of residence. Here you need to specify the country in which the applicant currently lives. If he is temporarily in another country, then you need to specify the state of which he is a citizen.
  • Next, the date of entry into Mexico is indicated, or any date within today + 29 days.
  • Duration of the trip: maximum – 180 days. You need to specify a slightly smaller number of days.
  • Next, you need to specify the following data: a visit to Mexico in the past (you need to list the cities), position (field of activity – briefly), and religion (you cannot skip this point).

It is also required to truthfully answer questions about previous deportations from Mexico and cases of violations of local law. If a person answers both questions in the affirmative, then he will not be able to get an electronic permit. The completed questionnaire must be sent for verification by clicking on the appropriate button.

The printed visa is presented to the border guards at the departure airport and the arrival airport. When a tourist departs, he is obliged to present an electronic permit at the reception. Upon arrival, he must additionally attach a completed migration card.

The rules of entry to Mexico by Mexico Tourist Card are quite simple:

  • At the time of crossing the border, you need to have a passport and an electronic permit. You need to print it out and show it to check in for an airplane flight at the airport.
  • Minor children enter the country with a valid passport.
  • PCR tests and vaccination certificates are not required. 12 hours before departure, it is necessary to fill out an online electronic declaration (health questionnaire). You can do this on the Natvisa website.
  • When entering the country, you will need to fill out a migration card. The FMM (immigration card) must be kept during the entire trip. If it was lost, you will have to get it again at the Mexican migration center.
  • When crossing the border of Mexico at the airport, you will need to show the border guards: a visa, an electronic health questionnaire, and a completed migration card.

Visa Cost.

The cost of issuing a Tourist Card depends on the way you plan to cross the Mexican border:

• If you want to fly to Mexico by plane, the fee for obtaining an electronic permit will be $29.

• If you plan to cross the border by land, the Mexico Tourist Card will cost you $58.

That’s right; the land option is twice as expensive. The reasons for this are unknown, this is the decision of the Mexican authorities.

Mexico Visa Types.

In total, the Mexican authorities have provided a few types of visas for tourists to choose from:

  • Traditional “consular” visa. You can get it at the consulate or Embassy of Mexico at the tourist’s place of residence. This type of visa may be required for citizens of countries not included on the visa-free list by Mexico.
  • Electronic permit (Mexico Tourist Card). The purpose of visiting Mexico in this case may be tourism or other activities that do not imply remuneration or profit.

Remember that the Mexico Tourist Card is a one-time card, it allows you to stay in the country for no more than 180 days. You need to arrive in Mexico within 30 days after receiving a visa. If the visa corridor for entry ends, then you will need to issue an electronic permit again.

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