The Ciruelas have arrived!… find them with Clarisa at the Pino Suárez Market


*With “salt, lemon and chili” in intonation

*The sale of fruit is a tradition

Today Clarisa gave us the surprise of selling seasonal plums from the ranches and neighboring communities of Mazatlan; yellow and green for tastes and with pure quality from Sinaloa, as a certain governor used to say. She also has mangoes, although these come from Michoacán, although in the end they can also be eaten with “salt, lemon and chili” to the rhythm of the song.

Clarisa reiterates the sale of seasonal fruits as one of the great traditions of the family in the surroundings of the historic “José María Pino Suárez” market.

It is worth mentioning that the family has one of the first cart permits and although now the plums have arrived, on other occasions they sell nanchis, mangoes from the region, guava, cocadas, jicamas, coconut pulp, dehydrated dates, sweet pumpkin and many others. other rich seasonal delicacies.

The harvest of fruits in Pino Suárez, like other delicacies prepared or from nature, are part of Mazatlán with the smell of a big town, even if it is an average and cosmopolitan city because in the port you can find everything.


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