Children’s day in Sinaloa benefits businesses


This edition, unlike last year with these same festivities, generated a higher profit of 25 percent in sweets, clothing and footwear stores, the ones with the highest demand, followed by restaurants and hotels.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The celebration of the king of the home this April 30, at least in Sinaloa, generated a profit of about 500 million pesos, due to the face-to-face parties in the schools, and the opening of businesses for social events, which allowed parents to acquire various products such as footwear, clothing and sweets, mainly, revealed Miguel Hernández Fonseca.

The president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Sinaloa, pointed out that the cash cut means an increase of 25 percent more, of the 380 million pesos, which were recorded in 2021 on these same dates and the Children’s Day holiday. This figure reflects greater mobility, thanks to the fact that the entity is at a green epidemiological traffic light for COVID-19.

“In this 2022 edition of the celebration of Children’s Day, there are already sales today at this time of noon, of 475 million pesos, mainly, for example, in the north of the state, in Los Mochis, where there is the main agglomeration. of people buying in commercial areas, in the matter of Culiacán in Plaza Galerías, there is also a lot of movement, these are the reports that we have, as for Mazatlán it is in the Gran Plaza”.

He added that restaurants are another of the busiest points this Saturday afternoon where many of the parents chose to take their little ones to celebrate, taking advantage of the fact that it is the weekend.

Hernández Fonseca pointed out that Mazatlán had two other factors that have added profits, such as in the hotel industry, by having a weekend off from Friday and many came to enjoy the beach, and entire families who also took advantage of the Puebla game against Mazatlán FC, which causes an important reactivation in the sun and beach destination.


The Mazatlan Post