Mazatlan Central Park Kayak Races


The atmosphere was a party at all times, where the result was the least

MAZATLAN.- With much fun, laughter and joy, the first edition of the Kayaks 2022 race took place this morning, which took place in the Central Park of Mazatlán; The competition had a large participation.  

The participants arrived in groups at the register from a very early hour, with the clear idea of ​​living a new sports experience.  

The starting signal was made at 9:00 a.m. and was in charge of the person in charge of the Central Park, the biologist Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda and Fabiola Judith Verde Rosas, director of the Municipal Sports Institute (Imdem). 

It was a resounding party in Central Park, where more than 40 people of both sexes and of different ages managed to spend a pleasant day full of friendship and coexistence in the place.  

At the end there was a symbolic award with trophies, diplomas and courtesies.  

Men’s Single  

1. Gustavo Guerrero 

2. Jose de Jesus Nuno 

3. Luis Enrique Flores 

Women’s Singles 

1. Maria Fernanda Ruiz 

2. Pearl Nuno 

3. Karime Cabrera 



1. Luis Enrique Flores/Gustavo Guerrero 

2. Edgardo Zazueta/Adiel Padila 

3. Jose Nuno/Manuel Ruiz 


1. Maria Fernanda Ruiz/Perla Nuno 

2. Faviola Sandoval/Briana Baez 

3. Marimar Lopez/Karime Cabrera 

Mayor seeks to improve Central Park  

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, municipal president of Mazatlán, commented that work is already being done so that Central Park continues to transform itself with better attractions for locals and visitors.  

He expressed that a lot of money has been invested in the facilities, which will be a truly beautiful park for all who come.  

“We already bring several interesting themes, the 1-kilometer zip line through the park, some fountains with nice views and other kinds of things”,  

The mayor stressed that he has already issued the instruction to investigate bringing a gigantic ferries wheel as it exists in other places because it would draw a lot of attention.


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