Mazatlan public transport complaints lead to bus hotline for info or to report bus drivers


After the recent complaints from public transport users about the “few routes” of buses that travel after 9:00 pm; Faustino Mejía Chávez, president of the Mazatlán bus Alliance, announced that there is currently a telephone line for the user to communicate and request the details of the bus he is waiting for.

That is to say, if it is 9:30 at night and the user is waiting for public transport, he can call 6691769065 to request reports of the bus that is about to pass, so that with this he finds out if said bus that is still waiting is about to arrive at the stop where it is expected or if it has just passed and therefore another one is on the way or, failing that, they are no longer available.

However, the representative of the alliance comments that drivers are available on their marked routes from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, so guards are also implemented so that transportation is available to users.

Likewise, he called on the citizens to report the routes that are not traveling at the times marked on the same telephone line so that measures can be taken in this regard.


The Mazatlan Post