Face masks end up as garbage on the beaches in Mazatlan


Despite the fact that Playa Norte is in the process of being certified to become a Platinum category, this morning, like every weekend, all kinds of waste and garbage were found there

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To the usual list of garbage that ends up on the beaches of Mazatlán, after a weekend, face masks are added. Apparently, since this article is no longer mandatory in the state, at least in open spaces, citizens have decided not to use it and discard it, although not correctly.

When making a tour this Sunday morning through Playa Norte, it was observed that in the sand area the bathers left “forgotten” glass containers and beer packaging, disposable cups and straws, bottles, and plastic bags.

Also, food wrap, cardboard boxes, traces of Styrofoam, food, and a large number of wet wipes and especially face masks. Some of the debris was visible to the naked eye, others were already burying themselves in the sand.

Those who usually go to the boardwalk and beach early to carry out physical and recreational activities had to live among the garbage since the cleaning day was delayed this day.

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Despite the fact that North Beach, in the section that includes, the Monument to the Fisherman to the M Tower, is in a process of certification Platinum category by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification, every weekend all kinds of waste and garbage.

According to the Playa Platino portal, belonging to this category implies that beaches can improve and strengthen the environmental conditions of their surroundings with the support of private initiative, government and individuals, to obtain high standards of quality and sustainability.

The certification also seeks the involvement of the local community in the environmental sustainability of the beach and responsible use of resources, promoting responsible and conscious tourism, joining efforts to provide security and confidence in destinations, as well as infrastructure in its services while maintaining the environment. clean, free of polluting residues.

In this category, precisely, the objectives are to ensure that said beach is recognized for its scenic beauty, environmental excellence, safety, facilities, signage with relevant information and universal accessibility, for which it would be failing to comply with one of the basic certification criteria, without forgetting the drainage of sewage that drains towards the sea.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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