Padel Tournament Announced in Mazatlan


Players from various cities come to practice this sport with the beautiful landscape of Mazatlan

MAZATLÁN.- From May 27 to 29, a men’s paddle tennis tournament by categories will be held on the Estrella del Mar Resort Mazatlán courts, with the assistance of athletes from Guadalajara, Querétaro, CDMX, Tijuana, Monterrey, Torreón, Saltillo, and Sinaloa.

Juan José Ruiz González, director of Special Projects of the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat, said that given the dizzying growth of Paddle Tennis in Mexico, work is being done to consolidate Mazatlán as an option that is at the forefront and is ideal for practicing this sport.

From the tourist point of view, the Padel Tournament is very relevant because we are going to receive sports tourism from several cities and it is expected that they will leave an important economic spill, he added.

“It is a good level of tourism that undoubtedly leaves an important economic impact on the municipality and as we grow we will have the possibility of more people coming.”

At the press conference held at the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat, Fabiola Verde, director of the Municipal Sports Institute in Mazatlan; Fernando Vázquez Camacho and Rocco Meraz, members of the organizing committee of the next Padel Tournament.

Ruiz González explained that to the Padel Tournament, the athletes are accompanied by their families, who in addition to practicing sports, take tourist tours and consume in hotels and restaurants in the city.

Fernando Vázquez Camacho, highlighted that Paddle tennis is a sport that has had enormous growth in Mexico and it is intended that in Mazatlan it will also “take” as it happens in Torreón, Coahuila, for example, where the Padel Federation has about 2 thousand registered players, and more than 50 club and other private courts, he said.

“It is a Mexican game that was born on the beach, to which foreigners adopt it when they meet it and take it to their countries of origin; It is a sport that is transformed and since it is for couples, it becomes very familiar, ”he explained.

Vázquez Camacho argued that the players take advantage of places like the Pearl of the Pacific to come with the whole family, that is the advantage of having the mixture of the sea, with Padel, “it is what we like, that is why we invite them to continue having people here, because Mazatlán are our beaches”.

For her part, the director of the Municipal Sports Institute (IMDEM), Fabiola Verde, announced that there is a group of investors interested in installing paddle tennis courts in Mazatlán due to the great boom it is experiencing.

In fact, he added, next week they will hold a meeting with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to present the project.

Padel is a paddle sport originating in our country. A team is made up of two people and has three essential elements to play it: the ball, the shovel and the playing field or track. It is practiced by bouncing the ball in the opposite field, being able to bounce it off the walls.

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