Every bar in Mazatlan has its security; but if there are “bad” clients, authorities are asked for help


In the case of people who bring bodyguards, you talk to them and it depends on the person since they are not trying to put you for you, since they do not expose the staff at all.

Mazatlán, Sin.- In Mazatlán, security in bars and clubs is firm and each one has its own private elements to control customer access, and when any problem arises, even if it is minor, it is requested immediately. the assistance of Municipal Public Security and avoid, as much as possible, unfortunate events and more like the one experienced in Culiacán, said Tulio Martínez.

The president of the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers in Mazatlan clarified that they also take care of who they are dealing with when entering to avoid misunderstandings and problems since inside bars and nightclubs it is prohibited to enter with weapons, the same to maintain order, which many people follow the recommendation.

“Well, each bar, we have the bars with security, we have to subtract checking when people enter who do not bring metal, guns, knives, whatever they cannot enter, if the client already gets very intense, well yes we already have to call or report to the authorities to receive support, and not expose our staff, the truth is that here in Mazatlan we have not had that kind of problem.

He acknowledged that sometimes some minor incidents happen, but they are sporadic, and they are attended to on time, especially since the people who attend these sites do so in order to have fun within the normal.

He pointed out that in the case of people who bring bodyguards, they talk to them and it depends on the person, so that they don’t put you for you, and less expose business personnel.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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