Sinaloa Tour 2022: The emotions of the Triple AAA return to Mazatlan


Sinaloa Tour 2022: The emotions of the Triple AAA return to Mazatlan

MAZATLAN.- The arena was from boat to boat, everything ready for the emotions of the Triple AAA to return to the port and, especially, to the Germán Évers field, where on May 6 the Sinaloa 2022 Tour will culminate with a flourish. said company, in coordination with the promoter Mr. Fuego and Lucha Libre Culiacán. 

The Sinaloan wrestler Mr. Iguana will be in charge of leading this function, which promises to be a crazy evening for children and adults, since emotions are expected to overflow beyond the ring, in the venue located on Zaragoza Street. 

Triple A anuncia gira por Sinaloa para el próximo mes de mayo

After almost two years of use, children and adults will be able to enjoy a top-level billboard, with well-known fighters in the Mexican pancracy, several of these fighters are already idols in this discipline that demands a lot of adrenaline.  

The last stop of the Triple AAA in Sinaloa will be the port of Mazatlán, since everything will start on May 4 in Los Mochis, the next day, it will continue in Parque 87 in Culiacán, and the final banquet will be on Mazatlan soil. 


In the stellar fight, the third party of Pagano, Murder Clown and Dave Clown will be present, who will clash against the great power of the north made up of Mocho Cota, Tito Santana and Carta Brava Jr. 

Prior to the semifinal duel, Mr. Iguana, Mamba and Baby Dady will appear, who will face off against Cachuy Rubio, Cíclope and Mario “Desalmado” Mora, under the motto of the thug company. Women will also have a place that night, Hiedra, Sexy Star and Keyra, who will meet in a special fight. 

The spirits of the fans will begin to light up with the first fight made up of the pairs Flash Boy and Relámpago against Indio Ladino and Furia Azteca. For more information you can contact the number 6692-39-88-02. 

ticket prices 

Ring General, 140 pesos  

Grados General, 200 pesos  

Primera fila numerado, 750 pesos  

Segunda fila numerado, 650 pesos  

Tercera fila numerado, 550 pesos  

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