Prepare the bucket that popular little bird has arrived in Mazatlan!


This marine product can be found in Playa Norte or on the pier of Isla de la Piedra.

MAZATLAN.- One of the most anticipated seafood products by the locals in the port is undoubtedly the little bird, a small fish that is fried and eaten with bones and everything, and that normally arrives in the month of May. , but this year it was brought forward. 

The season lasts a little less than 90 days, its arrival is usually a great event for locals and strangers due to the short time of fishing and for being the main ingredient of one of the regional dishes that is most savored on the tables of Mazatlecos. . 

Normally, those who buy this small fish, do it in several kilos or in buckets. The main points of sale are at Playa Norte or at the Isla de la Piedra pier, which is located on Emilio Barragán Avenue. 

Photos: Son Playas / Facebook Page

The merchant of the Union of Fish Vendors in Playa Norte, Carlos Torres Roque, reported that the arrival of this product began a few days ago, whose catches have increased and is now for sale.  

“The little bird season came early, we all know that it is in May when the product comes out, but little by little boats with this product are arriving; Yesterday, Sunday, a panga brought half a ton,” said Torres Roque.  

He reported that currently the product is sold expensive, a bucket of pajarito can cost up to 500 pesos without cleaning, and once cleaned, its value is 100 pesos per kilo.  


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