In Mazatlan there are no clear sidewalks; businesses invade public roads


The senior officer assured that you cannot have an inspector in each business, so appeals to the conscience of the citizenry.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that in Mazatlán there are the campaigns “I do respect your spaces” and “Free Sidewalks”, the reality is that both merchants and citizens ignore them since more and more businesses have appropriated the public sidewalks.

Food establishments, car wash centers, mechanical workshops, laminating and painting, blacksmith shops, car sales, and construction companies, are the most common in various parts of the city.

In this regard, the senior officer, Nayla Velarde Narváez, pointed out that “Free sidewalks” is a program that has been reinforced, including two disabled inspectors in wheelchairs, who in addition to doing their job, try to raise awareness among people.

“Right now we have two inspectors who support us a lot, they are people who are in wheelchairs, who were given the opportunity to work in this administration. They are serving us in an incredible way, because who better than them to go to make samples at the Juárez market, at the downtown market,” he said.

She mentioned that the program does not only apply to tourist areas, but that it is for the entire city and that not only streets or semi-fixed commerce centers, but also established commerce, including clubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

On Playa Gaviotas Avenue, he exemplified, the businesses that had things outside their establishments were specified that their products must be inside and not on the sidewalks. In the Juárez neighborhood, she added, it is a huge issue, since it is the street vendors with whom they have struggled the most since they always come back.

The Mazatlan city council asked to respect spaces for pedestrians. 

“We do not fine, everyone is invited to leave and we stay until they leave, we simply evict them, we do not fine them because in the end if we fine them, how do we ensure that they will pay the fine, if they are people who At the moment we withdraw, we would have to retain merchandise or vehicles and it is problematic, we are trying to just be constantly alert, “she said.

Eight inspectors supervise daily in the commercial zone of Juárez and another four in the commercial zone of the Center.

She specified that you cannot have an inspector for each business, so he appeals to the conscience of the citizen, and regarding the construction industry, he said that the Planning Department is in charge of them.

“It is an issue that is not going to be solved overnight, it is an ongoing issue that we have to be on every day. We have to improve the culture of the citizen, which we expose to people when they have the sidewalk or simply put ourselves in the place of our older adults, our children and especially people with disabilities,” she said.


The Mazatlan Post