Despite rising costs port of Mazatlan improvements continue


Improvements are made in the port, especially to correct and have one hundred percent of the docks, in order to guarantee a better service

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The high costs of materials that are felt in the country, and the work that is being carried out at the moment on the dock of the Integral Port Administration of Mazatlán, forcefully force us to adjust expenses and be able to get ahead, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón stated.

The director of the API in the port, pointed out that they make several improvements to comply with a better service in this terminal; however, the update of prices in raw materials, which were marked at one point within the project, when they suffered increases, they have had to analyze to comply with these commitments, without sacrificing the quality of the works. 

“We are trying to leave the entire port perfectly fine, we are fixing the part of the docks, the part below the docks, the drinking water that we had a lot of leaks, the electricity and we are already talking about the concessionaires too so that everyone is inside of the law, of course the projects have a budget, a budget that is based on the moment in which the project was designed”.

Ancona Infanzón mentioned that one of the commitments they carry out is the expansion of the canal, which allows the entry of vessels with greater safety and greater draft.


The Mazatlan Post