Mazatlan City Council will continue asking for the use of face masks


Officialía Mayor recognizes that people stay well relaxed; The guard will not be lowered in public spaces: Nayla Velarde

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- All the protocols will be taken care of in the events that are going to take place at the Motorcycle Week concerts, where only people who use their face masks will be invited, informed the Senior Official, Nayla Velarde Narvaez.

He recognized that people remain very relaxed due to the fact that Mazatlan remains at a green traffic light and a reduction in the number of infections, but as a City Council, we continue to take care of public spaces and our guard has not been lowered regarding health filters. and inviting people to wear face masks.

The municipal official said that the motorcycle parade has already been authorized for Saturday at 4 in the afternoon, where the Mayor’s Office will be supporting the operation and inspections.

He clarified that since the parade is in an open place, they will not have inspections of the new normality, such as the use of sanitizing mats, use of face masks and only people who attend the parade will be invited to use the mask, as an indication.

Velarde Narváez indicated that they will take care that the bars, clubs and nightclubs respect 90 percent of the capacity, invite all the people to take care of themselves, have a good time and have fun.


The Mazatlan Post