Corrupt police identified, body cams may be coming to Mazatlan


This Tuesday two changes were made in the judges of the Railing Court so that this area of ​​​​Public Security works better.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- From the Secretary of the Mazatlan City Council, a group of police officers has been identified, who walk between the Marina and Cerritos doing “their thing”. What do you mean by this? They exercise alleged abuse of authority, they do things that are not right, among others, revealed Édgar González Zataráin

For this reason, the municipal presidency has issued instructions to reinforce the Internal Affairs area of ​​the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic so that severe sanctions are applied to the offending agents, and even on Friday the Internal Control Body will issue several sentences against police officers and transit officers who were under investigation for their misbehavior at work, the local official reported.  

“Look, there are very good police, I have already learned to identify them and I more or less know which groups and which sectors are the ones with good people, and also where those who like to do (improper things). there is a group of police officers that moves between La Marina and Cerritos who like to go through that area to go there doing their thing and I say this knowingly, and we have already identified them, ”he declared. 

The person in charge of the legal area of ​​the Commune commented that this Tuesday two changes were made in the judges of the Railing Court so that this Public Security area works better. 

But not only that, but a proposal is also being analyzed to be able to equip the police and patrols with the monitoring service of surveillance cameras, in order to put an end to mistreatment of citizens and have greater control in the form of acting as preventive agents. 

“In fact, yesterday we had a meeting with a company that is dedicated to providing traffic camera and police monitoring services, so we already brought a project there and we are going to see if it happens, we are just exploring it; the issue of patrols is the same to have constant monitoring of them and we are exploring that part, ”he said.

González Zataráin maintained that as an authority they are going to go after those police officers who do not do their job well and who break the order to improve the work of the Ministry of Public Security .


The Mazatlan Post