Jumapam carries out the sampling of wastewater from restaurants in Mazatlan


The paramunicipal applies this measure that allows regulating the use of the drainage system and complies with NOM-002-Semarnat-1996, but if they detect the failures, there will be sanctions to those who correspond.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the collection of six samples of residual water in companies close to the problems of siltation in the drainage lines due to urban solid waste, fats, oils and sand, this Tuesday, personnel from the Sanitation department of the management of Jumapam Operations, carried out a day of these works in the port of Mazatlán. 

The work was carried out in the Center and the Andanza and Estrella squares, in order to characterize wastewater discharges from commercial users and industrial services, and verify compliance with NOM-002-Semarnat-1996, as well as the impact to the municipal drainage infrastructure, explained Yazkara Leticia Ramírez Reséndiz, head of the Sanitation Department.

He added that this is a procedure that began this year, as a result of the constant clogging in some areas of the city, and based on the results of the laboratory studies, they will sanction those commercial, service and industrial users who, with their downloads damage the infrastructure.

These sanctions, he said, will be applied by the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage Board of Mazatlan, through the Commercial Management, based on article 80 of the Drinking Water and Sewerage Law of the State of Sinaloa.

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