Mazatlan may still have a new Metrobus system


What is occupying the city is being seen, says Mayor Benítez Torres, who sees it as feasible to have this modern public transport system.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The issue of the metrobus continues to be studied, because it is a large investment, which is why federal investment is required, informed Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

While in the city of Culiacán this project has not progressed, the Municipal President said that a study is being carried out here to determine what Mazatlán occupies in the first stage.

“We are trying, we are on many fronts trying to solve Mazatlan’s problems; In fact, we have two companies that have made us proposals because Mazatlan is already demanding this type of transportation,” he said.

Mayor Benítez Torres stressed that it is sought that there are no road problems, and gave the example that the city of Acapulco was “strangled” in its roads, in addition to the fact that people through an economic payment will be able to move around the city.

He specified that the Metrobús service would not be in the streets of Mazatlán, but rather in the large avenues and would have branches to one side and the other, towards Avenida del Mar, towards popular areas, so the city is prepared to have this service.


The Mazatlan Post