PRI, PRD, PAN will sleep in the Chamber of Deputies to vote tomorrow on electricity reform


Opposition deputies will sleep in the Chamber of Deputies to prevent protesters from preventing them from entering.

To prevent demonstrators from preventing them from entering the Chamber of Deputies tomorrow, legislators from the “Va por México” coalition -PAN, PRI, PRD- are meeting in the San Lázaro legislative precinct to spend the night in the chamber.

Priistas van a la guerra: Alito Moreno los concentra previo a la votación de la reforma eléctrica (VIDEO)

The first to arrive with suitcases were the PRI legislators. Led by their leader Alejandro Moreno, 70 of 71 PRI members arrived at the lower house to vote against the energy reform tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the 15 deputies of the PRD are also already in the Chamber of Deputies to sleep there.

In the case of the PAN, some deputies are already arriving at the legislative precinct of San Lázaro with clothes to sleep; They still don’t confirm that they have all arrived. When consulting some deputies of this party they pointed out: “We are concentrating there and with clothes to sleep”

The coalition has indicated that it will vote against the electrical reform of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, so it would not pass, since it is necessary that at least 334 deputies vote in favor of it, in case all 500 attend.

So far, Morena and its allies have 277 votes, missing 57.

“It is incredible that we are in a country in which, if you have an idea, as good as it may be, but different from that of the President, they consider you a traitor to the country and that loyalty to the country is what a person says”.

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