Why is Germany so interested in investing in Sinaloa?


The Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel pointed out that the border states are already falling short, therefore, they are turning.

MAZATLAN. – Germany could become an important trade partner for the state, there are even talks for the industry of this European country to come and settle and help raise the industrial quality of the state, reported the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Lizárraga.  

But what does Sinaloa have that is attractive to Germany? 

The state official mentioned that, above other states, Sinaloa has a list of things in its favor, starting with its geographical location, which places it at the closest point of the Pacific zone, especially to the center and east of the United States as with Canada.  

“It is the largest consumer market in North America, the closest point to reach the Pacific is via Sinaloa, call the south with Mazatlán and the north with Topolobampo. We become a strategic, logistical point for this problem that currently exists regarding the transport of goods”, he declared.  

Germany, he said, is an example in the world of how businessmen, society and the government work together to be able to share merchandise and ideas, of how they have managed to advance and grow until becoming a powerful country.  

Gaxiola Coppel pointed out that Germany’s interest in Sinaloa would be to invest in manufacturing, services and products because the border states are already falling short and there is a deficit in hiring personnel.  

“In the border states, it has been difficult to get people to work in the different maquiladoras or manufacturing, so, the states that are below the border are beginning to look very attractive because we have labor, logistics and the will to bring more companies,” he commented.  

Inflation could become an opportunity for Mexico 

For the Secretary of Economy, the inflation that afflicts the world could become an opportunity for Mexico, why? Because countries, precisely like Germany, could be investing in industries that are manufactured right here and transported to the United States and Canada, more efficiently, easier and faster.  

“This complexity that has brought us inflation, we are taking advantage of it to bring industry and that more industries are carried out here in Mexico and that it does not have to suffer the consequences of logistics, especially, of maritime life worldwide,” he added.  

Unfortunately, he added, in addition to the inflation that has been dragging on since shortly before 2020 and that was expected after the pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine made inputs such as fertilizers, grain and therefore energy even more expensive.

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